Prickly Pear Beer Release

November 1, 2018 all-day

On the last day of August our Rio Bravo team went foraging around the city for some juicy prickly pears. We told you then that a new beer would be making its way on tap & the time is finally here!
Join us the first day of November for a taste of New Mexico.
Prickly pears are native to Albuquerque, producing edible, refreshingly sweet juice with vital health benefits. So we’d like to say that a Prickly Pear Beer is just what the doctor called for!

–Members will receive a FREE 4oz + a FREE delicious prickly pear treat pairing–

Prickly pear is a farmhouse ale brewed on the pilot system. It’s fruits were hand harvested by a group of brewers and servers one morning in September and then hand juiced on the brewing day. Made with wheat malt, pils malt and a small dose of Bellmah hops from our supplier this beer has all the natural esters and phenol flavors of farmhouse ales rounded out with a character of sweetish ripe fruit and an almost tactile sensation on the palate. 16 ibu, 5.4% abv

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