Who We Are

We are Rio Bravo, an award-winning brewery celebrated for our top-notch beers and tasty food. Renowned for our diverse and innovative brews, we also host a range of events, catering to both intimate and large-scale gatherings. At Rio Bravo, we're all about quality, memorable experiences, and a warm welcome for everyone.

Our Story

The concept of Rio Bravo Brewery began on a road trip in Ireland. The idea was to create a gathering place reminiscent of the Cheers bar - a welcoming spot for everyone. This concept evolved over time, and we expanded from simply sharing a pint to sharing meals, stories, and experiences. Our love for craft beer and the desire to bring people together culminated in the creation of Rio Bravo Brewery.


Our Purpose

Rio Bravo was created with the vision to provide a space where friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances, could come together, share a meal, and drink good beer. Our mission was and remains to connect family, friends and strangers, to spend good times with good people. In doing so, we aim to leave a lasting impact, transforming every visit into an experience and every customer into a member of our Rio Bravo family.


Our Home Base

Rio Bravo finds its home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hometown of our owners, Denise and Randy. They chose to plant their brewery here not only because of its vibrant culture and rich appreciation for craft beer, but also because Albuquerque is where their roots and family are. They believe in contributing to the community that shaped them, creating a brewing hub that the city can take pride in.


Our Birthday

We opened our doors on September 22nd 2015.

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Occupancy Xmas 2023.

Sage Mountainside offers single family home living, with plenty of space to live, work and play with extended family and friends. Because you deserve the best of the best, these homes are tech-smart including programmable thermostats, lighting, doorbell and optional shade controls.

Sage Mountainside is designed with wellness, safety and energy efficiency in mind. ERV systems provides a continual supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air throughout the home. High SEER ductless heat pump heating & cooling with zoned control, all LED lighting, tankless water heater and high-performance commercial grade aluminum windows. Designed to meet highest standards of weatherization and safety, the home includes an integrated fire suppression system, engineered avalanche wall and cold climate insulation in a concrete and steel framed structure.

The Sage Road location offers the best sunlight in warm springs; walking access to trails, paths, buses and ski lifts; quiet and private distance from Warm Springs Road and underground utilities for unobstructed sightlines.




Sage Mountainside
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