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At Rio Bravo Brewing, every celebration is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Albuquerque, NM, our brewery is the perfect venue for bringing people together, whether it's for a birthday bash, a festive holiday party, a heartfelt retirement, a joyful baby shower, an intimate engagement party, theme extravaganzas, or a lively karaoke night.


Choose From One of Our Three Spaces

With extensive experience hosting parties, Rio Bravo Brewery is your ideal choice for an engaging and successful gathering.

Barrel Room

Ideal for cozy gatherings, the Barrel Room, surrounded by oak barrels and enveloped in warm lighting, sets the stage for up to 70 guests. It’s perfect for engagement parties, baby showers, and intimate celebrations.



Our spacious outdoor Biergarten is the ultimate setting for larger festivities, accommodating up to 400 guests. From holiday parties to retirement celebrations, the Biergarten offers a festive atmosphere under the Albuquerque sky.

Brewing Area

Offering a unique backdrop, the brewing area provides a memorable setting for up to 60 guests. It’s suited for theme parties, karaoke nights, and smaller gatherings that seek a distinctive ambiance.

What We Offer

Exceptional Services for Memorable Parties


Delight in gourmet dining options with our full-service catering. Custom menus feature exquisite dishes that perfectly pair with our signature craft beers, elevating your party with a tasteful culinary experience.


Our bar showcases a wide selection of craft beers, fine wines, and sophisticated canned cocktails, designed to cater to every preference and ensure your party is as enjoyable as it is productive.

Tables & Chairs

We provide a variety of tables and chairs. Whether you're looking for a rustic or modern aesthetic, our seating options are designed to match your party's theme and enhance guest comfort.

Sound System

Set the tone of your party with our high-quality sound system. Ideal for music, announcements, and entertainment, it ensures your message is heard and your music resonates throughout the celebration.


Convenient and ample parking means that guests can focus on enjoying the party without worrying about where to leave their cars. It’s just one of the ways we ensure a seamless experience for your special event.

Event Staff

Our professional event team is dedicated to meticulous planning and execution, ensuring every aspect of your party is managed with precision, allowing you to focus on your guests and objectives.

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